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It is extremely difficult to find a car for a middle class family in India as the car market in India is very competitive and hundreds of companies are providing eye-catching feathers at a very low price. The needs of a middle class family vary person to person but most of the middle class family adopt the 2+2 formula and circumstances that make them a nuclear family. There may be a middle class big family here and I am only focusing on small cars (Hatchbacks) for small families. Before going to review different cars there must be some parameters to define “ BEST BUDGET CARS IN INDIA”

A middle class family buys a car in his whole life and therefore before buying a car for the rest of the life he/she does detailed study about the company or the specific car. So what could be various parameters for a middle class family who is planning to buy a car? The first and most important parameters must be Budget. A middle class family saves a single penny for the future whenever he gets a chance to do it. The other important parameter may be maintenance and service facility. If the maintenance and service cost is very high then it is very tough to build confidence among this sector. So keeping mind the most important parameters we will find the most feasible car for a middle class family. Off course parameters like engine power, mileage, running cost and other add on feathers must be discussed in this article

1.   Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 (2.40-3.39 Lakh*)

Maruti is one of the most promising companies in the automobile sector and serving the country for many years and Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 is the most popular car among not only middle class family but also other class of people because of its simplicity. The F8D petrol engine makes 40.3bhp@6000rpm. The engine has 3 cylinders and each cylinder contains 4 valves. The latest MPFi system is embedded with the vehicle. The fuel tank capacity is 60 L and in CNG the mileage goes up to 31.59 Km/hr. The front brake is enabled with Disc and Rear Brake enabled with Drum. The other important features include Boot Space (Liters) 177, Ground Clearance Unladen (mm) 160, Remote Fuel Lid Opener and Low Fuel Warning Light.

There are few variants available in this segment. They are: 

  • Std 2000-2012 (Petrol) 2.40 Lakh*
  • LX (Petrol) 2.72 Lakh*
  • LXi (Petrol) 2.91 Lakh*
  • XCITE (Petrol) 2.72 Lakh*
  • Vxi 1.1 (Petrol) 2.81 Lakh*
  • Green Std (CNG) 2.88 Lakh*
  • Green LX BSIV (CNG) 3.20 Lakh*
  • Green LXi (CNG) (CNG) 3.39 Lakh*

2. Datsun GO (Rs. 3.99 – 6.45 Lakh*)

Another budget friendly family car is the Datsun GO from NISSAN offers a stylish exterior and interior design for a very affordable price. This car is designed with Japanese technology. The company offers six variants of attractive colors for the customers. Its three-cylinder, 1.2-litre engine can produce impressive power and torque, at 76.4bhp and 104Nm, respectively. The LED DRLs are bright and add to the aesthetic appeal of the cars. Two airbags are provided for the driver and co-passenger. The additional feather is a 7-inch touch screen infotainment system that feels premium and supports both iPhones and Android Auto. Additional features include a whopping 347-litre boot space and a 35-litre fuel tank.

There are 7 variants available with Datsun GO. They are: 

  • D Petrol (Petrol) 3.99 Lakh*
  • A Petrol (Petrol) 4.95 Lakh*
  • A Option Petrol (Petrol) 5.35 Lakh* 
  • T (Petrol) 5.70 Lakh*
  • T Option (Petrol) 5.90 Lakh*
  • T CVT (Petrol) 6.25 Lakh*
  • T Option CVT (Petrol) 6.45 Lakh*

The new feather which helps to turn heads on the road with a dazzling range is an added advantage. The other important add on feathers which attracts a customer are immobilizer, Central Locking, Rear Parking Assist Sensors, Seat Belt Reminder (Driver + Co-Driver), ABS + EBD + Brake Assist. The below mentioned feathers may attract middle class customers in this range.

3.    Renault KWID (Rs. 2.99 – 5.12 Lakh)

The Renault KWID offers two variants of engine as per need of people with petrol ignition. The displacement available is 799 cc and 999 cc. Manual and Automatic transmission are available in various segments. The range of mileage is 20.71 to 22.3 kmpl depending on variant and engine capacity. These 1.0-litre engines can 67bhp/91Nm torque and run on a five-speed automated and manual transmission system. The add on feathers of different variants are a driver’s side airbag, AC, touchscreen infotainment system with USB and AUX-IN. 

There are few models available in this segment and people can opt the variants as per their budget and need.

  • STD (Petrol) 2.99 Lakh*
  • RXE (Petrol) 3.69 Lakh*
  • Neotech (Petrol) 4.29 Lakh*
  • RXL (Petrol) 3.99 Lakh*
  • 1.0    Neotech (Petrol) 4.51 Lakh*
  • 1.0   RXL (Petrol) 4.21 Lakh*
  • RXT (Petrol) 4.42 Lakh*
  • 1.0   Neotech AMT (Petrol) 4.83 Lakh*
  • Climber 1.0 AMT Opt (Petrol) 5.12 Lakh*

4.    Maruti Suzuki Wagon R (4.45 – 5.94 Lakh)

For Indian middle class families some cars never are forgotten as old cars and occupy positions as top-selling vehicles. This has a very different look among all hatchback cars in this range. The company did not change the basic shape of the car but upgraded the interior and exterior with a modern look to attract and compete with the rivals. The Maruti Suzuki Wagon R embedded with 1.0-Litre or 1.2litre engines as per requirement of customers. The 1 liter engine produces 67ps of power and about 90Nm of torque. The other one is a more powerful car which produces 83ps and 113Nm of power and torque respectively. This car has a 5-speed manual transmission system. The new Wagon R inbuilt with a new infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility Bluetooth system which connects our smart phone for calling or receiving calls.

The Maruti Suzuki Wagon R has many variants available as per need of customers and thus fulfill the need of middle class Indians.

  • LXI (Petrol) 4.45 Lakh*
  • LXI Opt (Petrol) 4.52 Lakh*
  • VXI (Petrol) 4.90 Lakh*
  • VXI Opt (Petrol) 4.97 Lakh*
  • VXI 1.2 (Petrol) 5.13 Lakh*
  • VXI Opt 1.2 (Petrol) 5.20 Lakh*
  • CNG LXI (CNG) 5.25 Lakh*
  • CNG LXI Opt (CNG) 5.32 Lakh*
  • ZXI AMT 1.2 (Petrol) 5.94 Lakh*

5. Hyundai Santro (Rs. 4.63 – 6.31 Lakh)

Hyundai updated its entry level hatchback car (Santro) after many years. Hyundai modified its Santro with a new look with all new interior and interior design. The interior is furnished with new features like a touchscreen system in the dashboard, a backup camera and a digital MID for the customer. Hyundai Santro is available with just one petrol engine and there is a choice to think of a CNG variant.  The Magna and Sportz variants are available with CNG fitted with the manual transmission. Additional features on the Santro include a 7-inch touchscreen system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity Bluetooth system, rear parking camera & sensors, and rear AC vents. A driver airbag and ABS and EBD are available with few variants. The Sportz AMT and Asta variant have additional airbags passengers.

The various models are available in this segment. They are:

  • Era Executive (Petrol) 4.63 Lakh*
  • Magna (Petrol) 5.09 Lakh*
  • Magna Corp Edition (Petrol) 5.23 Lakh*
  • Magna Corp Edition AMT (Petrol) 5.72 Lakh*
  • Sportz (Petrol) 5.46 Lakh*
  • Magna AMT (Petrol) 5.58 Lakh*
  • Magna Executive CNG (CNG) 5.86 Lakh*
  • Magna CNG (CNG) 5.86 Lakh*
  • Asta AMT (Petrol) 6.31 Lakh*

The key features of all five manufacturers are tabulated in the following table and thus this will be very easy to select a car as per the needs and budget of a middle class Indian.

सभी कारों की सभी विशेषताएं इस Table में मौजूद हैं –

PRICERs.3 TO 3.95 Lac (Petrol)4.23 TO 4.37 Lac (CNG)Rs. 3.99 – 6.45 Lakh*Rs. 2.99 – 5.12 Lakh*Rs.4.45 – 5.94 Lakh*Rs. 4.63 – 6.31 Lakh*
MILEAGE22.05 to 31.59 km/kg19.02 to 19.59 kmpl20.71 to 22.3 kmpl 20.52 kmpl to 32.52 km/kg20.3 kmpl to 30.48 km/kg
ENGINE796 1198 9991197 1086 
TRANSMISSIONManualManual and automaticManual and automaticAutomaticAutomatic 
FUEL TYPEPetrol & CNGPetrolPetrolPetrol & CNGPetrol & CNG
FUEL TANK CAPACITY (Liter)35352832 35
The maximum power46.3bhp@6200rpm 76.43bhp@6000rpm 67bhp@5500rpm81.80bhp@6000rpm 68.07bhp@5500rpm 
Max Torque62Nm@3000rpm 104Nm@4400rpm 91Nm@4250rpm113Nm@4200rpm 99.07Nm@4500 rpm 
Boot Space (Liters)177265279341 235 
Service Cost in Rs. (Avg. of 5 years)-3705 6,240 2,1252,677 2453
No. of cylinder33344
Emission Norm ComplianceBharat Stage IVBS VIBS VIBS VIBS VI
Top Speed (Kmph)137150150152156
Front Brake TypeDiscDiscDiscDiscDisc
Rear Brake TypeDrumDrumDrumDrumDrum
Ground Clearance (mm)160180180165160
Wheel Base (mm)2360245024222400240

So these were”The Best Budget Cars”, hope you liked this post – 


best budget car
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    But there is one thing in the budget called safety and Maruti cars are so unsafe, safety matters

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