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It is said that green tea was originated in China in 2737 BC and Shennong Emporor discovered it. There are nearly 400 verities of tea in the world and more than 250 types are available in China itself. Some believes that in the 500 BC Buddhists used to travel between China and India for spreading religion and at that time they cultivated green tea. They used to take green tea as a mind refresher. There are different types of green tea available indifferent countries in the world like China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Hawaii and even South Carolina.


China’s Yunnan province is considered to be the original Camellia sinensis plant species. The species are same for all types of green tea but taste and color varies because of so many factors like processing, environment, time of cultivation, chemical used, heat treatment, geographical location etc.

There are two main types of the Camellia sinensis species are available. They are:

 Origin China 
Used to make green and white teas.
Climate: sunny regions with drier, cool.
 Origin Assam district of India
 Used to produce strong black teas.
Climate: grow large in warm, moist.  


As I told there are various types of green tea available in terms of taste, color, price, quality and size of leafs but Green tea is tagged with two Asian countries: China and Japan and they do follow different processing to produce the green tea.


The Chinese sort of tea leaf is characterized by pan firing, wherever tea leaves are heated during a basket, pan or mechanized rotating drum to halt the oxidization method. Chinese inexperienced teas is also dismissed over once throughout process, looking on the fashion of tea being created. These firings could turn up in wicker baskets, steel wok-like pans, metal drums or different containers over charcoal, gas flame, electrical heat or hot air, looking on the ultimate flavor outcome desired. The flavor are often altered greatly looking on the quantity and sort of firings, however usually a pan dismissed Chinese tea leaf takes on a yellowish-green or dark inexperienced color and impart a sedge like, earthy, roast flavor.

Some fashionable pan dismissed Chinese inexperienced teas include:

• Dragonwell: A swish, flat, swordlike look and pan-fired toasty style provide this tea its characteristic look and flavor no different inexperienced tea-producing region has been able to duplicate. Thought-about it’s thought-about a classic pan-fired Chinese tea leaf.

• explosive: dismissed in perforated metal tumbler that tosses the leaves around during a figure eight pattern Gunpowder tea takes its name from the pellet-like form of the finished leaf.


The Japanese sort of tea leaf is characterized by steaming, wherever tea leaves ar treated concisely with heating plant inside hours of plucking to each halt the oxidization method and convey out the wealthy inexperienced color of each the tea leaves and therefore the final brewed tea.

The steaming method creates a singular flavor profile which will be delineate as sweet, vegetal or seaweed-like. Some Japanese tea leaf may additionally be shade grownup throughout cultivation or roast throughout process, each to make extra flavor characteristics.

Some fashionable Japanese inexperienced teas include:

• Sencha: Sencha makes up over eighty % of the tea created in Japan and is that the most well liked tea drunk in households and restaurants throughout the country. It’s made of tea leaves that are steamed then usually rolled into long, skinny strands.

• Hojicha: Sencha is roast over high heat to supply Hojicha, a tea with a roast, nutty flavor. The appliance of high heat additionally helps scale back the tea’s alkaloid content.

• Genmaicha: a mix of Sencha and roast and popped rice, Genmaicha may be a toasty tasting treat that’s a well-liked tea to serve with food.

• Gyokoro: The tea leaves ar shaded throughout the previous few weeks before plucking to accentuate the colour and flavor of the tea which will become Gyokoro. Throughout process, it’s rolled into its characteristic skinny actuate form. Gyokoro is taken into account to be Japan’s most cherished tea.

• Matcha: Shade-grown like Gyokoro, the tea leaves that create Matcha ar ground into a powder rather than formed and rolled. Matcha is essential to Japanese tea ceremonies and has become a really fashionable ingredient for cookery.


There’s a perception regarding tea leaf around that it’s dangerous in style or solely sick or recent folks drink it. However the actual fact of the matter is, tea leaf is one of the foremost underrated drinks on the market. There are some reasons why you’ll wish to start out sipping on this atomic number 79 daily. It’s one issue once your drink of alternative is filled with antioxidants, however what if it contained catechins that promote cellular health, improved energy and even helped you change state, also as polyphenols which will slow the aging method. You’d wish to drink it up, wouldn’t you? That’s however superb tea leaf is. That’s not the sole reason to drink tea leaf, though. The mixture of caffeine and L-theanine, a compound in tea leaves, facilitates you to form smarter. L-theanine will increase the activity of the repressive neurochemical neurotransmitter that has anti-anxiety effects. It conjointly will increase Intropin and also the production of alpha waves within the brain that may be a brain wave state related to creativeness and insight. Caffeine is additionally a gentle stimulant which might improve your memory and energy levels. As if that weren’t enough to persuade you to drink tea leaf every day, the things conjointly will increase your body’s metabolic process by the maximum amount. That’s right, less time on the treadmill, more time reading your favorite book whereas sipping on a cup of tea, and you continue to relish a smaller pant size. Finally, the plant compounds in tea leaves facilitate cutting back breast, colorectal, and glandular carcinoma by up to five hundredth. WOW. We’re pretty certain your diet soda cannot do any of that. Tea leaves aren’t only for the recently or sick. Tea leaves ought to be had by everybody. Compromising health to be cool isn’t an excellent plan. you’ve got to be healthy to remain cool.


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