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Last twenty years I am teaching engineering students and have seen ups and down in all branches as far as job is concerned. But now the trend has changed unexpectedly. One of the reason is that the whole world is passing through a very difficulty phase in all aspects whether it is a matter of health or jobs due to this pandemic Covid 19. In this article I will share job opportunity and future jobs in this era. As we all know millions of people lost their earnings in last couple of months. Now the question is that will we over come from this crisis.

I want to focus on how will be our future market for engineering gaduates? Will it be as it was earlier? Questions are many? Should the young generation change their mind and think in a different way?

In the last few months many things have changed like living style, business, education etc. As far as my experience is concerned, the young India should prepare them in a totally different ways. We have entered in a different market in education. The conventional courses are not capable of producing jobs like core engineering knowledge’s.  So what is new?

The common branches of engineering are Computer science, Information Technology, Mechanical, Electronics and Communication, Electrical and little different Biotechnology. Now I am going to discuss latest trend of engineering courses which are really hot cake.

Computer Science

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Engineering (B.Tech) in Computer Science is one of the most successful among all branches and the present trend indicates that it is continuously rising day by day. Students use to learn programming, software and hardware designing, data analytics, cyber security, coding using programming language, artificial intelligence, IOT, Robotics,  etc.

Now computer science have become wider and there are many new specialized branches are available within it. They are:   

Computer Science & Information Technology

Computer Science & Engineering (Data Science)

Computer Science & Engineering (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)

Computer Science & Engineering (Artificial Intelligence)

Computer Science & Engineering (IOT)

Information Technology

Many reputed universities are offering these courses and these courses have huge market now and in near future. The important positions which are offered by various companies are Computer Programmer, Engineering Support Specialist, Software Developer, System Designer, Software Engineer, Data Warehouse Analyst, Research, E-Com, Web Development, Data Security Analyst Security Analysts and many more.


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Though many people are saying that the job opportunity in Mechanical engineering are shrinking but in my opinion if any students are interested to play with machines and automobiles he or she must go for Mechanical engineering. But apart from conventional study student must learn programming languages and design software because now a days machines are automatic and programmed. So if a student apart from learning mechanical engineering, learn programming then there is a huge market for them. If anyone interested for Government jobs then this is the only branch where maximum number of government jobs are available. SAIL, GAIL, BHEL, Railways, NHIA, ISRO, DRDO, IOCL, BPCL and many more. But If someone thinking about private jobs then they can go for industry 4.0, robotics, machine learning, 3D printing, CNC programming, control systems etc.,

Electronics & Communication

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Students who are passionate in electronic devices, microprocessor, AI can think about Electronics and Engineering. But to compete with the present competition they must learn coding and programming software. As we know electronics business model are changing frequently so it is also of huge demand. In a collective survey report by ASSOCHAM and NEC Corporation the electronics engineering market of India is predicted to reach $400 billion by the year 2020 at a 41% CAGR rate. Some of the respective positions in Electronics engineering  are Electronics Engineer,Electronics and Communication Engineer,Electronics Design & Development Engineer, Desktop Support Engineer,System Control Engineer   


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Civil Engineering branch give us a promising growth in global level. Again A civil engineer will be successful only if he acquires additional trending knowledge. This may be designing software, Programming language. As we all know the whole world are planning for smart cities. So to build smart cities modern technological inputs must be needed. So this branch also has a bright future. Also you can concentrate jobs in construction firms, government organizations like DMRC, Railway, NHAI, BRO, etc.


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Biotechnology is quite different from all disciplines. Biotechnology has emerged as one of the most popular career. The developing countries are struggling for many years and this branch is playing an important role for the development of the country. As we know health and food are two important factors for the growth of the country. It may be healthcare, research about disease, research in agriculture, food, nutrition, diet control, process industries, animal food everywhere bio-technologist are an important part.





graduation cap, graduation, capAt last my conclusion is all branches have a bright future. Only important thing a student must know his or her passion. The only add on and common requirement is computer software, programming languages, design software must be added with their curriculum. All reputed universities/ colleges are focusing for add on in their conventional courses. So my suggestion is go for as you like but simultaneously do some additional courses to crack your success.

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