How To Maintain Cholesterol? Know About Your Cholesterol

The negative impression of Cholesterol made it Villain among all blood contents. But it is not like that. We usually relate this term with heart stroke or cardiovascular diseases and never discuss its importance in our blood. Thus in this article, you will get to know about how to maintain cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a soapy and waxy-like substance obtained from the liver and it protects nerves, helps to build cell tissue and certain hormones. The quality of cholesterol depends on the type of food we consumed. So Cholesterol plays a very important role to build healthy cells and our body needs its existence for proper functioning. At the same time, it makes us in trouble if we consume those foods in unlimited quantity. Therefore cholesterol helps us to build a healthy body and also makes us discomfort results in various diseases.

Types of Cholesterol –

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) – Bad cholesterol

High-density lipoprotein (HDL) – Good Cholesterol

So to make a balance of types of cholesterol in our body there is a universal guide line. If the levels are in the range then there is no issue but too much LDL in the bloodstream create the bad cholesterol and these are saturated in the form of plaques inside arteries. Such substances are responsible for chest pain or other discomfort in the body and results heart attacks or heart disease.

Most of the cases food habits and life style are responsible for high value of LDL. The foods which are responsible for the LDL abnormality are meat, poultry and full-fat dairy products, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, fried foods, certain processed and prepackaged foods. The consumption of such food are also required in our body but quantity is the key player and at the same time regular work out.

The recent data shows a very informative information area wise and income wise among men and women. Percentage of cholesterol raised is high in Europe region and low in Africa region and it also shows that percentage of cholesterol is high among high income group and low among low income group. Any one can conclude that what is the reason behind this. If we go through their life style and food habits answer will be simple.

The age wise mortality rate calculated from ministry health shows that risk factors are high among below 40 age group but death is less.

As I said to maintain optimum level of different types of cholesterol two key factors are important. They are food habits and life style (include regular exercise in daily life).

What are the different foods that help to control cholesterol level in blood? The answer is here.

In this part of my article I will share my own experience regarding food and physical activities. Definitely I am not going to write name of those entire food item which are not easily available. Definitely they may help some one in this regard but most of us unable to follow or maintain such foods in our daily life.

1. Very simple approach to overcome from high cholesterol problem what I experienced that add fresh vegetables, fruits and salad in your diet which are seasonal.

2. While taking food, it’s very important to chew food properly and slowly. I have noticed many people who just shallow the food. It is unhealthy habit. Do not make a habit to eat as much as you can in one time and remaining time stay empty stomach.. Better eat many times with limited quantity.

3. Try to avoid any type cooking oil as much as you can. In my opinion people who are carrying high cholesterol can eat boiled vegetables. It depends on people. Now there are many tips available to cook healthy food without oil.

4. Plenty of water (not Cold) consumption is a key factor to be fit. It’s good to take a liter of normal water after getting up from bed in the morning. Daily consumption of water may vary from 3 to 5 liter.

5. Oats, Barley and other whole grains, Beans, Eggplant and okra, Apples, grapes, strawberries, citrus fruits, Fatty fish, garlic, ginger – generally you will find these foods which helps to reduce your cholesterol level. That may true but you must have to change life style too.

6. Avoid all types of junk foods or packed food. Try to take home cooked food only.

7. One can add green tea in place of traditional tea, 2-3 times daily.

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