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The effect of pandemic COVID-19 has spread every where, whether it is related to economy, education or health.  Schools across the globe shut across the every corner of the planet. It is estimated that over 1.3 billion children are out of the off line classroom. And thus the concept of teaching learning process changed dramatically. With these educational institutions were worried about the future of young generations and their business too. There by online education came into picture with the help of digital platform. I admire that before lockdown I was totally unaware about various online meeting mode like zoom, Google meet and others. As a faculty I was totally habitual with conventional teaching techniques like black board with white chalk or white board with marker or some time presenting power point presentation with projector in the class room face to face.

Now the new era has started in education and we are able to teach students remotely with the help of digital technology. With this sudden change from the physical classroom to online class room some researchers are wondering whether the acceptance of online learning will continue ahead after post covid and how such a change would impact the global education system. I remember, it was of the month of March, 2020 and lockdown announced suddenly. We were locked inside the house and started planning how to take classes remotely. The following are the various techniques which I experienced day by day and improved myself to conduct online classes.


The first digital platform which I adopted during lockdown to teach online is the Google class room. It has all features which generally we adopt in off line classes like students list, giving assignments, inside class work button we have many options including providing materials, notes in the form of pdf, links etc. We are able to schedule assignments or quizzes and also able to find grades of students whenever required.   

So Google class room has all feathers which makes our teaching more effective and efficient.


Now a days Google meet is available in Google class room. Teachers are able to create a meeting with the students who are the students in GOOGLE class room. This application has the special feathers to teach or communicate with students by presenting the screen. We can present our screen in the form of PPT or directly we are able to communicate like video calling. This application helps us to mute or unmute our audio/video system as per our need. During interaction with students we have the facility to record the whole meeting and it’s automatically saved in the Google drive. The advantage of this feather is that the recording can be shared with students and students will be able to watch the recordings when ever required.


Zoom application is similar platform like Google meet applications. Both have advantages and disadvantages as per as their performance is concerned. Here we are comparing the that aspects. This application is quite popular among educationist for performing taks like delivering lectures, communicting with students directly or via presenting or sharing screen to each other.

There are many other applications available similar to above mentioned applications  at this time to carry on online classes. One more interesting facts are needed to explain related to delivering lectures using all such applications. PPT presentation is helpful when we are expalining some theoritical contents but if we need to make understand some mathematical derivations or numericals or some complecated contents there we need to explain step by step by using pen/paper or digital pad/stylus. So there are few methods which I am using to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of the teaching learning process.


The above image best describes the most economical way to teach students. In the above image a transparent glass is used to deliver lecture. The mobile camera is used in screen presenting mode and whatever we are writing that will be directed to students directly like physical class room.  But the biggest drawback of this system is that it consumes more data which using this method. The main advantage is that we need not to invest anything other than a smart phone.


Those who can effort little more they can adopt this method. This requires a Smart phone/ laptop/desktop with a digital pad with stylus. The digital pad with stylus will reflect on the screen which we write. So this very similar to transparent glass method, only difference is we are using digital technology to write on the screen on the system.

There may be many other options are available to teach more effectively with suitable equipment and may be more sophisticated. But there are always few advantages and disadvantages of Online teaching.


  1. Communication with students when all are remotely available.
  2. It is possible to connect 24/7 with each other.
  3. More contents will be delivered as compared to conventional off line class.
  4. Easy to maintain records like attendance of students and also it is possible to find bar chart with different parameters.
  5. Online grading system helps us to reduce manual work out.
  6. Recordings of classes are more fruitful because any time can be watched and doubt will be clear.
  7. Transportation cost is reduced as no movement is needed.
  8. Expenditure of off line classes like pages, board, and chalk attendance register are reduced.
  9. All relevant data are available in soft copy and can be used when required.
  10. We will be able to deliver ppt, video link, images, pdf or other means in a single platform.


  1. The main drawback of online class is that we must have a smart phone/laptop/tab/PC with internet connectivity and this is unaffordable for many poor people.
  2. Network connectivity must be very fast and third world still struggling for high speed connectivity.
  3. It is some time difficult to interpret how much students are grasping in the live online class. In the off line class an experienced teacher can easily recognize that whether a student understood or not.
  4. Sometime students join the online class and they don’t listen the lecture and for attendance they join the class. This is a big question mark of online class.

Finally I want to say that online class has both pros and cons but as per as effective and efficient teaching learning process is concerned off line class still has some importance at this digital world of communication. Still conventional methodology of teaching will find its original place once COVID pandemic run away. We cannot create physical conventional class room like environment digitally in this digital world. At the same time online class has its own advantages and that we cannot neglect. Therefore we must have post COVID balanced combination of both online and off line education system for our future generation.

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