Norway is well known for its natural beauty, mountains, the amazing Northern colorful Lights and the Midnight Sun. Norway, The country of geographic area that occupies the western half the peninsula. Nearly half the inhabitants of the country sleep in the so much south, within the region around national capital, the capital. Concerning common fraction of Kingdom of Norway is mountainous, and off its much-indented lineation lie, etched by deep glacial fjords, some 50,000 islands.


During the summer season, we can take the advantage up to 24 hours of sunlight in Norway above the Arctic Circle. The Sun neither rises nor sun set for the few months in the summer. Just above the horizon the Sun is visible from a low height. We can enjoy more time the natural beauty and discover the beauty at night. NORWAY the Kingdom of MIDNIGHT SUN is ideally placed to expertise this eerie nevertheless charming sight Norway is one in every of the only a few locations wherever sunset merges into sunrise, with no darkness in between. The Northern part Norway is called helgeland and it is situated just below the Arctic Circle. The whole place looks like miracle in the universe. There we can enjoy most beautiful road trips in the world which is covered with white beaches.


This Scandinavian nation encompasses a climate that simply fluctuates from year to year, particularly in its most northern components, that area unit settled at the sting of the world climatic zone. Within the northern areas, summer temperatures will reach higher than eighty degrees physicist (27 degrees Celsius), whereas winters area unit dark and have additional snow than alternative components of the country. Within the coastal and midland regions, the climate varies significantly. The coastal areas have a climate with cooler summers. Winters area unit comparatively moderate and rainy with very little snow or frost. Inland areas (like Oslo) have a continental climate with colder winters (think -13 degrees physicist, or twenty five below zero Celsius) however hotter summers.


1. Oslo,

2. Bergen,

3. Trondheim,

4. Tromsø

5. Stavanger

6. Fredrikstad

7. Drammen

8. Porsgrunn

9. Kristiansand


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The current population of Kingdom of Norway is 5,435,071 as per the most recent global organization knowledge. Kingdom of Norway population is similar to 0.07 share of the globe population. The density of population in Kingdom of Norway is 15 square Km. 83.4 percent population is living in urban area. The average age in Kingdom of Norway is 39.8 years. Faith in Kingdom of Norway is dominated by Lutheran Christianity, with 69.9% of the population happiness to the Evangelical Protestant denomination of Kingdom of Norway in 2018. The Christian church is that the next largest Christian church at 3.0%. The independent compose 17.4% of the population, Muslim is followed by 3.3% of the population


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Norway owns a mixed economy with private and public sector. The major economy is natural resources like fishing industry, petroleum industry, and hydroelectric power plant.  From such industries the country’s production and welfare systems, including the Government Pension and other expenditures cover up. 17-18% of the country GDP dependents on the export of oil and gas. Norway exports $150-160 billion worth of goods annually. Its primary goods used for export are crude petroleum, petroleum gas, refined petroleum, fish, and aluminum ore. These goods are exported to the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and France.  The economy of Norway is healthy, developed, and fastest growing and this country does not face any serious difficulties. Norway has a high cost of living standard. Labors are the strength of the country and most of them are working with petroleum industry. Over the last few decades both private and governments have been joined together to gear up private industries.


From sweet treats like wild berries, waffles and brown cheese, to savory reindeer-, moose- and lamb dishes, ready by a number of the world´s best cooks. And to not forget: recent king crab, salmon and therefore the celebrated Atlantic “skrei” cod. Fancy each the new and therefore the ancient flavors of Kingdom of Norway.

Here are the best five foods of Norway-

5. Skillingsbollar

Skillingsboller may be an ancient Norwegian version of a cinnamon bun. This circular pastry is sometimes related to metropolis. The rolls area unit created with a mix of flour, milk, yeast, eggs, sugar, cardamom, countless butter, and shredded almonds (optional). After the baking, skillingsbolle area unit brushed with further butter on the highest and therefore the bottom whereas they’re still hot. The highest is additionally wet with further sugar and cinnamon. The name skillingsboller suggests that penny roll. They are typically devoured as a day snack with a cup of occasional on the aspect; however some folks prefer to eat them with brown cheese.

4. Kransekake

Kransekake may be an ancient Nordic after’s consisting of variety of homocentric cake rings that area unit typically formed into an outsized cone or a tower. The crisp cakes area unit created with ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites, and area unit control along with a white icing glaze.

Even though very little is thought concerning the origin of this luxury cake, it’s typically related to numerous gay occasions in Kingdom of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and European country. Betting on the event, the cake may are available totally different sizes, and therefore the center is commonly crammed with candies, chocolates, and even champagne or wine bottles.

3. Lefse

Norwegians love this sugary style of the standard soft staff of life with a cup of occasional. It’s slathered with a mix of butter, sugar and cinnamon, then meticulously pleated or rolled and turn over parts in order that it’s straightforward to hold. the requirement to quickly retreat to into the fields when dinner maybe necessitated the straightforward, moveable nature of this after’s and, to the current day, you’ll grab one to travel on ferries round the country and in well-furnished grocery stores.

2. Pinnekjott

This hearty meal of salt-cured, dry rib of sheep is historically served on Dec 24. The ribs area unit rehydrated, steamed over birch sticks and served with mashed kohlrabi. It originates from the rolling valleys of the {west coast|West Coast|geographical area unita|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} wherever Bos taurus farming is about not possible nevertheless sheep are plentiful. The rich, salty style is balanced by the inherent sweetness of the kohlrabi that makes the dish rounder in flavour.

1. Norwegian Meatballs

Although Kingdom of Norway is world-famous for its fish, Norwegians often eat meat reception once feeding with their families. Varieties embody beef, pork, lamb and sheep moreover as Alces alces and deer.

While in Kingdom of Norway, we tend to damage our carnivorous itch with Kjøttkaker, hearty Norwegian meatballs created with seasoned minced meat, onions and seasonings. Pan-fried and sunken in a very wealthy gravy, our Kjøttkaker came with entremots, potatoes and dish. A aspect of Lingonberry jam completed the meaty meal.


5. Trondheim and Trondelag

The Trondelag region, placed right within the middle of Kingdom of Norway, attracts hardcore history buffs, devoted foodies, and active nature explores alike. Go fishing, cycling, or skiing, or hike one among the 9 pilgrim ways the St. Olav Ways, that all result in the gorgeous Trondheim Cathedral in urban center. The spirited student city of urban center is that the region’s capital, referred to as the house of Nordic flavors. Relishes gastronomic experiences starting from fancy Michelin restaurants to hip food bars and cozy occasional retailers. Follow the smell of recent native manufacture on the scenic detour The Golden Road in Inn herred, and travel back in time within the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization listed mining city of Roros. Within the Dovrefjell Mountains, you’ll catch a glimpse of a gorgeous beast – the musk oxen.

4. The Geirangerfjord and the Northwest

The Seven Sisters and diverse alternative waterfalls run down steep mountainsides that finish within the clear, blue water of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization web site the Geirangerfjord, Norway’s most celebrated inlet. The picturesque school city Ålesund is a perfect start line for an inlet journey. The Northwest is placed within the northern a part of inlet Kingdom of Norway and attracts declared out of doors buffs all year spherical. The mount capital of Åndalsnes is a perfect base here, because it is enclosed by staggering peaks and placed solely a brief distance from world-famous attractions just like the Trollstigen mountain road and therefore the Atlantic Road. Åndalsnes is that the termination of the Rauma Line, voted one among the world’s most lovely train journeys. Northwest’s is additionally home to the jazz city Molde and therefore the “clipfish capital” Kristiansund.

3. Tromso (the land of the NORTHERN LIGHTS)

The capital of the Arctic, Tromso, is found right within the middle of Northern Kingdom of Norway. If your bucket list includes aurora borealis, whale observance, atmospheric phenomenon, and epic nature adventures, this is often wherever you would like to travel. Fancy very good conditions for ski road and hiking within the Lyngenfjord region, expertise the Lappic culture in cities like Karasjok and Alta, and enter the north purpose of Europe at the North Cape. Within the Jap a part of this large region, you’ll realize the Varanger earth that may be a bird watcher’s paradise. Go king crab fishing and dog sledging in Kirkenes, wherever you furthermore may will pay an evening at associate degree ice building.  within the areas close Tromsø, many islands area unit waiting to be explored, together with Senja, Kvaløya, and Sommarøy.

2. The mountains and valleys of Eastern Norway

The dense forests, deep valleys, and large mountain plateaus of jap Kingdom of Norway area unit all wonderful beginning points for numerous nature adventures. this is often wherever you discover a number of Norway’s largest ski resorts, like Geilo, Trysil, and Hemsedal. and that they all guarantee all-year-fun, because they be converted into best athletics destinations as presently as the snow disappears. Valdres, Hallingdal, Lillehammer, and therefore the Gudbrandsdalen vale area unit fashionable family destinations that provide everything from theme parks to charming farms and nice hikes. identical goes for turn, wherever you’ll go cruising at the turn canal and witness one among jap Norway’s most spectacular views from Mount Gaustatoppen. The national parks of Dovrefjell, Jotunheimen, and Rondane offer wonderful opportunities for nature-based activities like hiking, cycling, rafting, and climb.

1. Lofoten and Nordland Staggering peaks, scintillant fjords, authentic fishing villages, and picture-perfect beaches. to not mention aurora borealis and time of day sun! you’ve got most likely seen jaw-dropping pictures of archipelago and Vesteralen on Instagram (there area unit several of them!). A hot tip is to go to these places outside of the summer season once the crowds area unit gone. Next-level out of doors adventures additionally look within the athletics and hiking paradise Narvik, and a lesser-known gem is Helgeland a bit more south. Here, you’ll drive The Coastal Route between Trondelag and Bodø, voted one among the world’s most scenic drives. The spirited coastal city of Bodo is that the largest town within the county of Nordland and offers many out of doors fun moreover as a booming cultural scene. In fact, Bodo are going to be the ecu Capital of Culture in 2024.


 In the summer season specially; there are festivals of music in Norway. This includes jazz, blues and contemporary music. It also includes niche genres showcasing more discoverable music. This music festival in Norway certifies a high standard of festival and worlds top graded to enjoy. Few most famous festivals which are heart touching in Oslo are The oya festival, by:Larm and over Oslo. The oya festival includes hip-hop and electronic music, By:Larm festival welcomes huge populations in the early month of March and OverOslo reflects  a beautiful scene over the capital from the Grefsenkollen plateau. Every year in Voss we can enjoy the famous sports festival (Ekstremsportveko). Norway is not a country which is having Bollywood or Hollywood, but there are a few very special cinephiles in the country. This country organizes international film festival with a very attractive atmosphere and people take part in the festival across the world.


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Like nursery and kindergarten in Norway this system is called barnehage. This system is very different from other educational system in the UK or USA because barnehang starts at the age of one. It was found that at the age of one; approximately 75% of children attend the school, and this figure jumps to 90% for the age group of two, and 95% at the age group of three.

Higher education is as similar as other educational system in the world. The higher education includes 3 years graduation, 2 years maters and for doctorial degree 3 years. More than half of the total population attends higher education in this country and tuition fees at public universities or colleges in Norway are free for international students too. The government of Norway provides adult education free of cost which includes primary, secondary, high school and distance learning institutions.

Norway is well-known for   most liberal and tolerant country across the globe. It does not matter where we study in the country. We will find unity in diversity among people. Locals speak English fluently with average proficiency and thus people from other country can easily communicate with local people. International students making it easy to make themselves understood everywhere they go in Norway. It has more than 5.4 million populations with around 17000 international students.

The Norwegian education system can be divided in the following way:

  1. Elementary school ( ages between 6–13)
  2. Lower secondary school (ages between  13–16)
  3. Upper secondary school (ages between 16–19)



NORWAY IS one among the simplest country in terms of overall infrastructure and knowledge technology, its smart security for its voters and it’s additionally one among the foremost cleanest countries within the world. Its several nice places to go to and luxuriate in, and last however not the smallest amount it’s a large style of foods from spicy meats to sweet dishes. Its technology and has smart infrastructure that in the main focuses on pollution management, these all factors has created Kingdom of Norway one among the simplest countries within the WORLD.

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