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Now we have entered into a different world of industry and which is creating demands of trending jobs for fulfilling people’s potential and dreams.The next generation trending jobs are comprising green economy, data and Artificial Intelligence, new roles in engineering, cloud computing and product development. This can be accomplished by adopting new technologies, innovations and skills.

World economic forum estimated that, in 2020, the featured professional clusters will represent 506 out of every 10,000 job opportunities and in 2022 this share will have risen to 611 out of every 10,000 job opportunities. In the aggregate, over the coming three years 37% of projected job opportunities in emerging professions will be in the Care Economy; 17% in Sales, Marketing and Content; 16% in Data and AI; 12% in Engineering and Cloud Computing; and 8% in People and Culture. The roles with the highest rate of growth within high-volume trending jobs include Artificial Intelligence Specialists, Medical Transcriptions, Data Scientists, Customer Success Specialists and Full Stack Engineers.


Data and Artificial Intelligence78123
Engineering and Cloud Computing6091
People and Culture4758
Product Development3244
Sales and Marketing87125
*Data Source Linkedin, Number of opportunities/10000

The general and soft skill clusters remain no harmonized between the two data sets. Basic computer skills has been increased among new generations. The industry oriented technological applications like digital marketing, web development, social platform, design software and modern medical applications have the ability to create trends for the next generations. The technology disruptive skills allows each and every one to use modern technologies that are ready to impact trending job market for over many upcoming years. Young generations must focus on computer skills for enhancing their job prospective. These include Data Science, Natural Language Processing, Automation, Robotics, Cloud Computing and Cyber security. Here three different issues are discussed


The POST-COVID opportunity for mapping in the New Economy identifies seven skilled clusters with increasing opportunities beyond the scope of work. They are knowledge and AI; Care Economy; Ignorant economy; Engineering and Cloud Computing; people and cultures and Product development. Collectively, this workplace unit will create 6.1 million opportunities over the next three to four years. The report has taken a data-driven approach, with a number of estimates of these key skill sets. A new computer workforce and information unit that provides unprecedented insight into the labor market. More focus is needed on developing tax skills that will look at new, different and important.


The seven trending skills were made discussed and their associated capabilities are highlighted the wide range of opportunities. The labor community is very much focused on inefficient technical skills. There should be changes in the future market. The non-silent technical knowledge and AI will definitely help the future trending jobs. The ability to learn, leadership quality and development will be built up.

The transition to a new world will be personal and professional. Investing in the POST-COVID economy have the potential to increase job opportunities in the renewable energy sector. It will have high levels of quality in the care sector. This report shows that we now have our finger tools that give us new insights into the labor market character. The growing compulsion to use such tools wisely and within the performance of employees in performing productive, satisfying work.

The most seven trending jobs categories will hit the POST-COVID market and most common requirements for the trending jobs are software skills like programming languages like C/C++, Java and Python. With the help of these tools millions of trending works like Machine learning, cloud computing, AI, Robotics and Industry 4.0 will be created. The young generations must keep themselves ready for the upcoming challenges.

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1.Care and healthMedical Transcriptionists, Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Medical Equipment Preparers, Veterinary Assistant, Workers Personal Care Aides Respiratory Therapists Medical Assistants Fitness Trainers and Aerobics Instructors Occupational Health and Safety Technicians Orderlies Healthcare Support WorkersRespiratory Therapy, Caregiving, Sterile Procedures / Techniques, Transcription, Radiation Treatment, Medical Dosimeters, Vital Signs Measurement, Simulation, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Radiologic Technology.  
2.Data and Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence Specialist, Analytics Consultant, Data Engineer,  Big Data Developer, Data Analyst, Analytics Specialist, Data Scientist, Data Consultant,  Insights Analyst, Business Intelligence Developer,  Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Development Tools, Scientific Computing, Software Development Life Cycle, Management Consulting, Web Development, Digital Literacy, Computer Networking, Data Storage Technologies,  
3.Engineering and Cloud Computing  Site Reliability Engineer, Cloud Computing, Python Developer, Java script Developer,5 Back End Developer, Software Developer Dot net, Cloud Consultant / Cloud Computing, Technology Analyst / Engineering  Development Tools, Human Computer Interaction, Technical Support, Digital Literacy,  Business Management, Employee Learning & Development, Computer Networking, Software Development Life Cycle,  Web Development, Data Storage Technologies,  
4.Green BusinessGreen Marketers, Biofuels Processing Technicians, Solar Energy Installation Managers, Water Resource Specialists, Wind Energy Project Managers, Refuse and Recyclable Material Collectors, Sustainability Specialists, Fuel Cell Engineers, Nuclear Power Reactor Operators, Landfill Gas Generation System Technicians, Wind Turbine Service Technicians,    Digital Marketing, Wind Turbines,  Solar Installation, Health and Safety Standards, Email Marketing, Landfill Gas Collection, Social Media,  Equipment Inventory,  
5.People and Culture  Information Technology Recruiter 2 Human Resources Partner 3 Talent Acquisition Specialist 4 Business Partner 5 Human Resources Business Partner SKILLS  Recruiting 2 Human Resources 3 Business Management 4 Employee Learning & Development 5 Leadership 6 Digital Literacy 7 Project Management 8 People Management 9 Compensation & Benefits 10 Foreign Languages  
6.Product Development    Product Owner, Quality Assurance Tester, Agile Coach, Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Product Analyst, Quality Assurance Engineer, Scrum Master, Digital Product Manager, Delivery Lead SKILLS  Software Testing,Software Development Life Cycle, Development Tools, Project Management, Business Management, Data Storage Technologies, Web Development, Manufacturing Operations, Digital Literacy, Leadership    
7.Sales and Marketing    Commercial Sales Representative , Customer Specialist, Content Specialist, Content Writer ,Digital Specialist,  Ecommerce Specialist ,Head Of Partnerships ,Commerce Manager, Head Of Digital, Business Development Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager ,Chief Strategy Officer ,Creative Copywriter, Chief Marketing Officer, Social Media Assistant, Social Media Coordinator, Sales Development Representative, Digital Marketing Specialist,  Advertising, Product Marketing, Video Graphic Design, Leadership, Writing, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Business Management, Digital Literacy,  
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    Sales and marketing, Product development

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    Product development, engineering and cloud computing and sales and marketing

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